It all comes down to your branding and conversion goals really … in the end, the users or ‘target audience’ determine the greatness of your site.

how do we help you develop an effective Web Application?

Our web application development process starts with a discovery of your business — first, we learn more about your organization, market position, target market and how you do business, through your creative brief submission.

Gather Intelligence

Next, we perform a competitive analysis of the features, functionality and content provided by your competitors. Surprisingly, this is where first get to identify with your users — since your competitors share your target audience, we are able to obtain a general idea of how you can provide a better experience for your users.

Give Your Audience an Audience

Once we have a clear overview of your users, we employ ‘traditional’ UX research practices including: stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and online surveys to interact with your target audience in order to get a deeper understanding of their perspectives and ideas. This collaborative process gives your audience a chance to be heard, and often provides honest feedback that generates great ideas for creating more impactful web experiences and better communicating with your users.

Enhance UX Research with Regression Analysis

After collating our UX research data, we employ a mathematical method to determine exactly which independent or causal variables change or contribute to user behaviours; as follows: